Dins Photography | ordering info




When ordering, make sure to click on "SELECT PHOTOS" to purchase,


click on the "BUY" button.



This will take you to the CATEGORY page

where you will select the product category (prints, canvas, etc).



After choosing  "PRINTS", the site will highlight the "BEST FIT" print for your chosen image.  

Selecting sizes other than "BEST FIT" will require cropping and may alter your print in

an undesirable way.  Contact me if the crop isn't exactly what you want. 



The shopping cart (below) will reveal the alignment of your images.  

Click "CENTERED (is it OK?)" to see the exact crop.  

This screen will also allow you to adjust the crop manually.



Grabbing the square corners will allow you to crop manually.  

Make sure the important parts of your image are inside the RED line.



Thanks again for your order!!